Bike Trails Through The Alps Of The Sea 

jer_4250-600x300The bicycle paths through the alps of the ocean would be the cross border project’s goal. Moderate weather, exemplary habitats along with a number of areas create valleys and the various French a perfect spot to exercise your favorite activity as a whole independence. In reaction to the increasing interest in well appointed recrea-tional places for free time and nature development, with utmost value for that wealthy and perfect atmosphere in these countries, a community of 2000 km of bicycle paths have already been produced across the German and French hills.

For relaxing family cycling aswell and meant for followers of extended biking activities, these itineraries have already been carefully chosen to provide paths that meet with objectives and up with the requirements of everybody. Using the Alpi del Mare MTB cross border paths, the Conseil basic des Alpes-Marittimes and also the Provinces of Cuneo and Imperia start the doorway for you really to enter a great planet, where heritage items, legacies of the millenary history, remarkable green natural areas and sports activities are harmoniously blended.

riviera-in-winter-300x200Mine is just a distinctive place, which takes up you to the greatest mountains of the Ligurian Alps and right down to the beach within just a couple kilometers’ room. Character is diverse below, and throughout the year you find smells and unique colors. A range of plants, eagles flying darting flickers within the shrubs, huge stretches of vibrant green, stunning stone people that are dried olive groves, terraces that are fresh… And continually changing landscape every single day. All of this is of inviting you our method!

A trip through historic trade avenues full of one thousand years of background: surfaces and terraces eroded from the seas, located towns overlooking the valleys, cities entered by rock bridges, the lobby of historic streets, warm rentals with areas experiencing the ocean, little fishing towns that stimulate customs of yesteryear. A conventional food, real, simple-but delicious, full of Mediter ranean flavors, the fruit of items in the property and ocean: gas and wine, dinner and conventional focaccias, crazy game, cheeses from alpine pastures, clean seafood prepared with such competence the very view of it with motivation.